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It all begins with a revolution in our way of thinking, a vision not just for today but for generations to come. A forward-looking mindset that embraces sustainability as key towards shaping our future.



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NUVALI welcomes individuals, groups and companies to volunteer and hold its tree-planting activities and participate in NUVALI’s T.R.E.E. (Together Reforesting the Earth’s Environment) Program.

NUVALI is committed to ensure the welfare of the natural environment through preservation and enhancement of the existing ecosystems within the development. With this in mind, NUVALI is enjoining corporations, groups and individuals to participate in the NUVALI Tree Planting Program.

Trees play an important role in maintaining environmental balance to help mitigate the effects of pollution by:

  • producing oxygen and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere
  • retaining and cleaning water underneath the soil
  • preventing wind and soil erosion
  • provide a habitat and food for wildlife

Planted areas provide interesting, soothing and learning environment for the community. The mid-term objective is to plant 100,00 trees within NUVALI’s buffer areas and Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary.

PackagesSaplings c/o NuvaliSaplings c/o Volunteers
A 100 – 499 trees
Inclusions: Saplings, Land Preparation (clearing, staking, pre-dug pits), Water truck, Maintenance
Saplings c/o Nuvali
PHP 125/pc
Saplings c/o Volunteers
PHP 95/pc
B 500 -999 trees
Inclusions: Saplings, Land Preparation (clearing, staking, pre-dug pits), Water truck, Maintenance, Commemorative Marker
Saplings c/o Nuvali
PHP 115/pc
Saplings c/o Volunteers
PHP 85/pc
C 1000 – 3000 trees
Inclusions: Saplings, Land Preparation (clearing, staking, pre-dug pits), Water truck, Maintenance, Commemorative Marker
Saplings c/o Nuvali
PHP 110/pc
Saplings c/o Volunteers
PHP 80/pc

*Tree planting in Nuvali is conducted during rainy seasons only – from June to December.

*Tree planting sites will be identified by Nuvali and may be inspected by the volunteers upon the managements’ approval.

*For Volunteers bringing their own saplings:

  • Minimum sapling height must be at least 3 ft, and should be planted in 6x6in size of plant bags.
  • Tree species should be among the trees listed in the Nuvali T.R.E.E. Program. Please refer to the list below. (CURRENTLY UPDATING. PLEASE CHECK BACK TOMORROW.)

*Payment and permits:

  • Payment and permits must be settled 7 working days before the planting date.
  • Negotiations re: additonal amenities & charges may be conducted before the approval of permits.
  • The management has the right to cancel the event if payments and/or permits are not accomplished.

*For more inquiries: Please visit Nuvali Estate Admin Office @ The Evoliving Center, Nuvali, Sta.Rosa, Laguna, or call (049)302-6088.

NUVALI, and its partner communities


For every woven basket, for every home-cooked meal served, for every piece of coal that burns cleaner, there’s a look of pride and satisfaction that’s irreplaceable on the faces of NUVALI’s partners in community development.

Fueled by the advocacy on sustainability, in collaboration with the Yulo family, NUVALI, Ayala Land’s first and largest mixed use eco-development in the Philippines.

NUVALI molds work, leisure and family into the contours of a single community that fuses the ecological, economic and social spheres of life.

With its three-point sustainability thrust, environmental, economic and social sustainability, NUVALI initiated “Alay sa Komunidad”, a program that provides livelihood for neighboring communities of NUVALI that includes hand woven paper baskets and charcoal briquettes.

With a shared sense of purpose, local Laguna communities are able to craft a better future for themselves.

A collective effort to succeed and a commitment to ensure that everyone enjoys the advantages of growth are what sustainable community development is all about.


Weaving for a better future

It’s all about learning to upcycle, by reusing old materials such as old phonebooks and newspapers, then creating export-quality paper products that provide a means of livelihood to community members.

Why basket weaving? Weaving is a simple handicraft and does not require any equipment. All it needs is an enterprising spirit. With their creativity and imagination, the community members, mostly housewives, have come up with useful yet aesthetically-appealing woven pieces such as bags, gift baskets, trays etc.


Fuelling an entrepreneurial spirit

Considering that the Philippines lost 32.3% of its forest cover (around 3,412,000 hectares of forest area) in the last 20 years, NUVALI recognizes the need for Filipinos to take an active role in safeguarding the environment.

By reinventing a means of harvesting energy, NUVALI introduces charcoal briquettes, the charcoal-making technology that uses forest waste like twigs, leaves, stems, cogon, and branches of trees. Other materials such as paper, rice straw, coconut and peanut shell, coffee pulp, kitchen waste and even vegetable waste are converted into raw fuel.

The briquettes will not only reuse biomass and organic refuse but will also help mitigate carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere and lessen the cutting of trees from the country’s forests. For every ton of briquettes produced, about 88 trees are conserved.

As a source of fuel, briquettes emit a steady heat with low clean fame. Compared from traditional fuel wood, it has a higher heating value by around 20%. It is also easy to ignite and almost smokeless when burning.

It is innovative, inexpensive and easy to learn. Most importantly, it literally fuels the food catering business and encourages small enterprises in the community.


The foundation to a healthier environment

With the insurmountable problem of garbage disposal in the country, innovative technologies have continuously tried to solve the riddle of solid waste management. One solution is through the integration of plastic waste in the production of Concrete Hollow Blocks.

Plastics are non-degradable; they take a long time to break down, possibly up to hundreds of years, thus the need for a relatively large portion of landfill space for plastic waste alone.

Now through this technology, we can somehow aid this growing concern on the accumulation of plastic waste by mixing regular cement, sand and shredded plastic waste.

Hollow blocks with plastics are more efficient, environmentally-friendly and are structurally stable for no load bearing structures such as fences, walls, canals, and bungalow trusses.