Lakeside Evozone

  • EAST
  • Deed of Restrictions and Design Guidelines

The Lakeside Evozone-East is part of NUVALI’s 200-hectare commercial district which caters to different businesses and retail entities. Multinational customer-solutions company, Convergys, is one of the tenants at the Lakeside Evozone’s maiden BPO building, One Evotech and several merchants are already catering to the needs of consumers at Solenad, NUVALI’s retail center.

Full-occupancy for Two Evotech and the Solenad expansion is well underway.

The Lakeside Evozone master plan bears a campus-style layout that integrates modern facilities and sustainable practices with natural open landscapes.

NUVALI truly brings a sense of belongingness with nature, which perfectly balances productivity and relaxation. Locators and employees feel that being part of a development that encourages this balance gives them a unique and fulfilled professional experience.

“Sustainability is very important to us at Convergys Corporation. Our unwavering commitment to building sustainable relationships extends not only to people but also to the environment,” says Convergys Corporation Vice President and Country General Manager Marife B. Zamora. “We laud Ayala Land for its buildings and campuses that are built based on the principle of sustainability. In particular, we are proud to be your anchor tenant at One Evotech in the NUVALI Technohub, which is in the process of securing the prestigious LEED certification from the US Green Building Council. Since Convergys is a global leader in relationship management, the opening of our facility at NUVALI not only helps us effectively support our global clients and their customers, it also allows us to have a minimal impact on the environment for the benefit of the whole community. Convergys’ NUVALI Technohub contact center is not only “green” or environmentally friendly; it also promotes a healthy lifestyle to our employees.

Willian Ursua, store manager of Starbucks Coffee in Solenad says: “I like the green environment of NUVALI. It’s relaxing and it gives you the time to think and reflect. The working environment is different, you work, but it’s stress-free.”

For Carmela Nuga, a supervisor of Brother’s Burger the sustainable features of her workplace provide her and other co-workers opportunities to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. “NUVALI is different from other because of the ambiance, I feel closer to nature and I’m usually relaxed when I’m at work.”

These are just some of the testimonials that highlight NUVALI as a pioneer for sustainable development in the Philippines. It’s not only helping the earth, it’s also changing the lives of the employees, residents, visitors, and even extends to the communities that surround it.

“NUVALI is an unbelievably breath-taking piece of land,” states NUVALI SVP and General Manager Jun Bisnar. “We took advantage of its natural beauty to highlight the environment and the overall master plan. NUVALI was conceptualized with the preservation of the area in mind. The end product is a commercial and business growth center that’s unlike anything the country has ever seen.”

Lakeside Evozone-South, the second phase in the general Lakeside Evozone expansion, is the latest development in NUVALI. Poised to be one of the most preferred locations for call centers, Business Process Outsourcing firms, and other business, this new phase will sport a campus-type setting to complement the union of urban structures and landscaped parks and open areas.

The development will have a Floor Area Ratio of four and will allow the space to be used for offices and hotels and residential condominiums, studios and workshop training centers, college level and professional school, and hospital and clinics. The space can also be used for retail stores.

Communing with Nature

But the main feature of Lakeside Evozone-South is its proximity to nature. Despite the numerous infrastructure and establishments planned to be developed in the area, NUVALI does not lose sight of its goal to promote the green, inspired, and active Evoliving lifestyle.

To create an environmentally-sound workplace, Lakeside Evozone-South will allot 38& of its 17-hectare area for open space. The overall look of the business hub will be consistent to the vision of NUVALI – down to the architectural style of the structures.

“Lakeside Evozone-South will still sport the progressive and modern look that is evident in NUVALI. But beyond concentrating on the aesthetics, Lakeside Evozone will remain consistent to the company’s vision of using environmentally-responsible construction methods and materials,” Bisnar said.

Another unique feature in the Lakeside Evozone is the Rain Garden, a rainwater catchment basin that also serves to enhance the pedestrian experience of both residents and employees in the area. South of the Rain Garden is a foot bridge that offers an appealing and scenic vantage point to enjoy Lakeside Evozone?’s natural sights.

With these functional and sustainable developments, NUVALI makes good on its promise to be the future Central Business District of CALABARZON.

Owing to the unprecedented growth in the region, East II will succeed the formerly launched phases in the Lakeside Evozone to provide areas for more commercial development. Situated right of Lakeside Evozone – East, it puts an additional 47 commercial lots to the remaining inventory in the Lakeside Evozone. Similar to the East and South Districts, East II will also be mixed-use development, dedicating areas for open space, park systems, and road networks.

Business establishments to operate within the new phase can still enjoy tax incentives from PEZA due to the development’s PEZA accreditation.

Developments within the Lakeside Evozone are to be governed by the Deed of Restrictions and Design Guidelines to ensure:

  1. Architectural consistency and form
  2. Rational pedestrian and vehicular circulation
  3. Preservation of open spaces, parks and gardens
  4. Adherence to the overall NUVALI vision of responsible development
  5. Health, safety, and welfare of its users

Conditions of Ownership, Use and Occupancy
All lots are for mixed use of developments. Allowed uses are:

  1. Office
  2. Training/Conference Facilities/Studio/Workshops
  3. Hotel
  4. Dormitory/Apartment/Residential Condominium
  5. Tertiary (College) Level Schools or Higher Education (Professional Schools)
  6. Hospital/Clinic
  7. Retail

Two or more lots may be consolidated into larger lots. Consolidated lots may subsequently be re-subdivided that:

  • the number of re-subdivided lots will not be more than the number of the original lots prior to consolidation, and;
  • no re-subdivided lot may be smaller (in terms of total area) than any original lots.

Building Density

Maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is 4 for the typical commercial lots.

Setbacks and Building Footprint

Required setbacks:

  • 4 meters minimum for the building face fronting a street
  • 3 meters minimum for the building face fronting adjacent parcels

Maximum building footprint allowed is 75% of the total area.

Building Height

Maximum height shall be determined based on the floor area ratio and other restrictions that may govern such as ATO, local government ordinances, etc.

Architectural Style

The building shall have a contemporary and progressive look consistent with NUVALI’s vision. The use of innovative construction and finishing material that is, not only, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible is highly encouraged.