Ayala Land Premier

  • Riomonte
  • Soliento
  • Santierra
  • Abrio
  • Montecito

Intertwining Tropical Parklands in NUVALI

At Ayala Land Premier’s newest residential development in NUVALI, five pocket neighborhoods abound as one bountiful community, woven together by a network of green belts and perimeter parks.

Kindling a community flowing with life

Soliento is a 66-hectare community bringing together expansive parks and lush pocket neighborhoods landscaped organically just the way nature intended, 50 percent of the development is devoted to open spaces, including 17 hectares solely for parks.

Clustered into intimate park enclaves, residential lots are carefully arranged promising views of the outdoors and the continuous flow of fresh air. Serving as the perfect backdrop for cultivating deeper relationships with family and friends.

Healthy outdoor living

Elaro is envisioned to be a community that promotes healthy outdoor living.

Highlighting life’s simple pleasures, it is a residential development that embraces the community in its natural landscapes. It seeks to provide a lifestyle allowing families to immerse in the outdoors and a t the same time enjoy the urban conveniences provided by its ideal environment in the South.

Perfect natural urban refuge

Santierra will be the perfect natural urban refuge right beside the emerging NUVALI commercial and residential district. Masterplanned to maximize and optimize natural surroundings, most of Santierra’s clustered neighborhood are wrapped around a contiguous park stretching over 5km – the longest of its kind among existing Ayala Land Premier communities. Its entire perimeter will be buffered from the outside by 10-meter wide ribbons of greenery and landscaping. Santierra’s 3-hectare amenity core features a thoughtful array of amenities the provide venues for socializing, interaction and love of the outdoors. This includes the Village Clubhouse, multi-purpose covered courts, naturally contoured amphitheater for 150 people and the 2 hectare Great Lawn. Meanwhile, the contiguous parks surrounding the village will incorporate outdoor exercise trails, 2 meter wide jogging and biking lanes, pocket playgrounds tucked in the shades of a wide variety of indigenous trees. Indeed, with an emerging metropolis for a neighbor, Santierra introduces a new living concept – one that offers a convergence between the ease of modern life and the serenity of living with nature.

Extraordinary level of privacy, exclusivity, and security

Abrio delivers an extraordinary level of privacy, exclusivity, and security to Ayala Land’s top-tier clients, who place great value in the ability to live in a discreet environment where freedom of movement can be enjoyed without having to live behind high walls. Abrio’s roads are designed to conceal homes from street view, and its main road will have a right-of-way nearly as wide as the carriageway of Ayala Avenue. The property’s size is limited to only 380 lots, and its building density will only be half that of comparable premium neighborhoods. Security and resource-management systems will employ the latest technology, such as infrared fencing and rainwater harvesting, to ensure an unrestricted yet environmentally responsible lifestyle.

At the heart of NUVALI

Tranquility is a common thread that runs through Montecito, from the amply spaced lots, to its unique greenways, trees and wildlife that surround the whole community. With 60 hectares of rolling hills generously divided into 270 lots, Montecito is Ayala Land Premier’s lowest density development in 50 years. It is perched on rolling terrain, where homes will be on one of NUVALI’s highest points. Its refreshing breeze cools the atmosphere, creating a feeling far removed from the stress of the city, yet only a short distance away from schools, malls and future business districts.

Named after the scattered hills that envelop the estate, Montecito is ideally situated at the heart of NUVALI, the country’s first ecopolis destined to be the next Makati.