Perks of Owning a NUVALI Home

Having your own home is a goal that everyone aims for, but choosing the place to call home is not a decision that should be hastily made. A home should provide more than a roof over your head; it should provide you with a wholesome and complete community and all the conveniences you will ever need.

There are many homes in Laguna to choose from but only Nuvali homes can offer all of the following perks.



Not too many people realize it but living in an ecologically healthy and sound environment is a must. Being close to nature can ensure your access to clean air and water – essentials of everyday living. The Nuvali development area is nestled in the boundaries of Calamba and Sta. Rosa, and in close proximity to the Tagaytay Ridge, Mt. Makiling, and Laguna de Bay. Nuvali residents will not be left wanting for cool, clean breeze or relaxing views of nature. Having a Nuvali home equates to a calm and tranquil way of life simply because of the glorious nature that surrounds you.

Nuvali is home not just to human residents; its 17-kilometer forest zone is also home to various wildlife species. A bird sanctuary can also be found inside Nuvali and Nuvali’s commitment to conserving nature is evident in its tree-planting program, so residents can expect the greenery and nature to continue flourish around them.

To further promote healthy living that is in harmony with nature, there is a 3-hectare tree nursery and demo farm where residents can learn about different trees and plants and their benefits, as well as enjoy activities like fishing, vegetable picking, and organic farm lecturing.



There is a difference between just living close to nature and living in a place that makes full use of the surroundings to provide usable space without disregarding what nature has to offer. It takes skill and talent to be able to transform raw space into an environment that is visually appealing and functional at the same time.

Nuvali’s numerous communities provide exclusive park-side living – residents get to enjoy tree-shaded streets and well-manicured pocket gardens in every available space. Living in one of the well-built Nuvali homes means enjoying not just the interiors of your home; you also get to enjoy the outdoors, whether it is a relaxing stroll, a vigorous run, or a quiet talk with friends and neighbors.



A community should not consist only of homes; it should also provide a venue for health and recreation. All of Nuvali’s communities provide residents with healthy outdoor activities. A clubhouse or a main park is a staple feature of each community in addition to the pocket gardens that can be found around the neighborhoods. Walking and biking are perfectly safe along the pedestrian friendly sidewalks and integrated bike lanes. There are also lake activities for the family to enjoy such as fish feeding and riding water taxis.

Nuvali also offers other recreational activities for the more active and adventurous residents. Enjoying outdoor sports is easy with the 3 FIFA-standard football fields, 2 baseball fields, and 3 beach volleyball courts. There is also something for those who are into more extreme sports; they can have their fill of wakeboarding at Republ1c Wakepark, a cable park right inside the Nuvali development.


The quality of Nuvali’s architecture, structural development, and community planning is undeniable. This community development is well-planned and developed with both the future and existing communities in mind. Developed by Ayala Land, Inc, the country’s leading real estate developer known for their quality community developments. Each and every home is backed by none other than this developer with over 50 years of experience in providing high quality products and services.


Despite everything that Nuvali has to offer, residents still have easy access to many modern conveniences. Solenad I and II have everything residents can ever want. A wide selection of dining establishments, retail shops, and even business offices can all be found in Solenad, eliminating the need to venture far for the urban living that some residents may crave for every once in a while.

Having your own Nuvali home is a perk in itself, but this holistic community and everything it has to offer make it something to truly aspire for. Visit Nuvali now to see and experience this world-class community.