The Monochrome: Unexplored Wedding Reception Venue near Tagaytay

Tagaytay has long been a favorite location for destination weddings near Metro Manila. The numerous wedding reception venues in Tagaytay is just a simple proof of how popular this area has become. However, for some couples who are determined to have their wedding outside of Metro Manila, these reception venues have become quite common and uninteresting. Fortunately for these couples, there is an excellent yet unexplored wedding reception venue near Tagaytay.

The Monochrome is the premier events place inside Nuvali in Santa Rosa, Laguna. It is conveniently closer to Metro Manila than other reception venues in Tagaytay, making it a perfect venue for those who prefer a more accessible location. Nuvali’s The Monochrome offers a whole range of perks that make it a notch above any other event venues you might encounter.


The Monochrome has been the venue for quite a lot of events already and not all of them are weddings. Having been a witness to numerous parties, concerts, corporate events, and a few selected wedding receptions, there is no event that cannot be held at this event venue near Tagaytay.

Designed by the Leandro V. Locsin Partners Architects and located right on the Lakeside Evozone, its picturesque lakeside view and impressive façade make it a classy, picture-perfect setting. But The Monochrome provides more than just visual aesthetics; it offers modern audio and visual in-house system which is a must for any event.


The Monochrome is not just for big events because clients can have their pick from six event halls with varying capacities. Below are the different event halls, arranged according to size.

  • Upper Chrome. Even small gatherings such as executive meetings can be accommodated at The Monochrome. The smallest among the event halls, the Upper Chrome can hold up to 70 guests on a round table setup or it can be converted into a boardroom for 10 attendees. Rental fee of the Upper Chrome is Php 40,000.
  • Lower Chrome. The next smallest event hall, the Lower Chrome is good for more intimate gatherings and events. It has a capacity of up to 120 guests on a round table setup or 90 guests on a rectangular table setup. Rental fee of the Lower Chrome is Php 60,000.
  • Silver Wing. The medium-sized option among the six event halls, the Silver Wing can comfortably accommodate around 220 people with a round table setup or up to 180 people in a classroom setup. This event hall is good for typical social events such as weddings and parties. Rental fee of the Silver Wing is Php 120,000.
  • Platinum Wing. Slightly bigger than the Silver Wing, the Platinum Wing can handle up to 300 guests with a round table setup or up to 28 booths for a bazaar setup. Rental fee of the Platinum Wing is Php 130,000.
  • Two event halls combination. The three event halls – Lower Chrome, Silver Wing, and Platinum Wing – are adjacent to each other, with the Lower Chrome in between the Silver Wing and the Platinum Wing. The rate for the combined Silver Wing and Lower Chrome hall is Php 150,000 while the combined Platinum Wing and Lower Chrome is Php 160,000.
  • The Monochrome. The largest venue option is actually a combination of three event halls – the Lower Chrome, the Silver Wing, and the Platinum Wing. This combined event hall alternative will be able to accommodate up to 770 guests on a round table setup or 670 guests on a rectangular table setup. Big bazaars are often held at The Monochrome event hall because it can fit in 64 booths for a full bazaar setup.


Unlike other event venues, The Monochrome offers everything you will ever need for any type of event. Rental fees include use of a stage, an LCD projector and screen, the state-of-the-art sound system, lights, parking facilities, and food preparation area. Your event will be hassle free with the inclusion of venue support for security staff, engineering, and maintenance staff – all of which are hard to come by among the many event venues in Tagaytay.

With the many perks that it offers, The Monochrome is on its way to becoming the preferred events venue in the South. So if you are looking for the perfect but relatively unexplored wedding reception venue near Tagaytay, visit The Monochrome now at the Evozone Corner Venado Street, Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Laguna.