Tourist Attractions outside Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a very popular destination especially for those coming from Metro Manila and during the hot summer months or cool Christmas season. However, it is exactly because of this popularity that you would often find yourself amidst a crowd in Tagaytay. For all the relaxation and tranquility that the place supposedly promises, it can be quite congested even for those from busy Metro Manila.

If you are planning to visit Tagaytay soon and planning your itinerary and where to go in Tagaytay, you might want to consider the surrounding areas. If you are set on visiting tourist attractions in Tagaytay, doing so is quite easy even if you just pass through Tagaytay and focus on areas outside of it.

To help add to your list of where to go in Tagaytay, below are some tourist attractions outside Tagaytay.


An ecologically-sound community development in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Nuvali is more than just a stopover station. Although many of those traveling further south would often pass by and enjoy the area, many travelers have likewise made this their sole destination.

For those just stopping over for a quick meal, Nuvali’s Solenad which is home to numerous dining options and retail shops is the ultimate stopover area. For those planning to enjoy more of what Nuvali has to offer can have their fill of the tree-lined streets, bike trails, the 4-hectare multifunctional lake, the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, tree nursery and demo farm, The Fields at Nuvali, and the Repulic Wakepark.

Nuvali also offers refuge for tired and weary travelers with the opening of the new Seda Hotel which can be the perfect base for exploring the surrounding areas of Nuvali.

Enchanted Kingdom

This large theme park has long been one of the main attractions in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Kids and adults alike will find Enchanted Kingdom a place worth traveling to. With numerous world-class rides which change every so often to keep its clientele on its feet, EK is definitely a must-visit place in the South.

Although the Enchanted Kingdom still has a bit of a way to go in terms of catching up with amusement parks in other cities such as Hong Kong or Singapore, its rates are reasonable enough. Enchanted Kingdom has something for all age groups so whether you are a preschooler or an adult, you will find something that you can enjoy.

Splash Island

Another tourist attraction, this time in Binan, Laguna, is Splash Island. The biggest water theme park in the Philippines, this tourist attraction outside Tagaytay is a must-visit for those who love the water.

Splash Island offers numerous slides, rides, and other water attractions that will keep both kids and adults busy. With a capacity of up to 6000 guests, you can enjoy what this water park has to offer without worrying about big crowds.

Mount Makiling


Those who have adventurous streaks will be more inclined to go to Mount Makiling rather than think about where to go in Tagaytay. One of the best mountains to try out if you are looking for a beginner-friendly climb, Mount Makiling is best explored from the Los Banos campus of the University of the Philippines.

This mountain, which is actually a dormant volcano, was the first national park of the Philippines, but is now a forest reserve and declared an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2013. Aside from the lush nature that you can get to enjoy within the UPLB campus and within Mount Makiling itself, many legends about the supposed guardian of the mountain, Maria Makiling, will surely keep you entertained and preoccupied.

Whether your goal is just to immerse yourself in nature for a few hours or to actually reach the summit of the mountain, hiking in Mount Makiling is an interesting enough activity for the more adventurous types who care for the environment.

If you are planning to go to any of the places listed above, a quick drive to Tagaytay is always doable. Nevertheless, any of the above attractions are more than enough to take up a day or two of your time.

Those who are planning to stay for more than a day but do not want to stay within the Tagaytay area, Nuvali offers excellent accommodations that will make it easy for you to stay and enjoy a whole lot more.

Visit Nuvali in Laguna. We are nestled among the boundaries of Greenfield City, Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa, Silangan, and Calamba.