In a place as inspiring as NUVALI, learning happens beyond the walls of a classroom. So get your child ready.

Xavier School – NUVALI has opened its doors to its very first batch of students this school year. And on 2015, so will Miriam College. hese schools, hemmed with gardens and walkways, give students the freedom to study outdoors and enjoy nature to give your child an amazing school life that’s truly NUVALI. And it can all begin now.


The new campus sits on a 15-hectare property in NUVALI, a development in Calamba, Laguna that is seven times the size of the Makati CBD. In its first phase, the main grade school building and part of the Grade School gymnasium will be built. In its ultimate development, the campus will have buildings for Primary, Middle, and High School, and will include a separate library building, auditorium, administration building, and provisions for residences and dormitories. The plan also calls for two gymnasiums with different sports facilities, swimming pool, and two football fields.

The school is designed as a school for 21st-century learning. The campus grounds and facilities will provide for different types of learning. It will be a digital school, equipped with the proper IT infrastructure to bring a whole world of resources into the classroom. It will also enable the school to promote 1-to-1 computer-based instruction that will develop self-directed learners.


The establishment of Miriam College-NUVALI is a result of a rigorous process of research, consultation and careful deliberation that started as early as 2006, involving the whole Miriam College community. Comprehensive studies, focus group discussions and consultations with various sectors and the potential market helped determine demand for a Miriam College education as well as the feasibility and sustainability of putting up a second campus in Laguna.

Of the many locations considered, Ayala Land’s NUVALI project was chosen because of its proximity to the Quezon City campus, the rapid economic growth in the area and, more importantly, the consistent values and philosophy it shares with Miriam College on many aspects: sustainability, community development and environmental advocacy.

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