November 14, 2017 1:54 am


Tranquility is a common thread that runs through Montecito, from the amply-spaced lots, to its unique greenways, scenic lake, and landscaped parks within the community.

With 60 hectares of rolling hills generously divided into 270 lots, Montecito is Ayala Land Premier’s lowest density development in 50 years. The extensive land areas provide a serene atmosphere ideal for home living. The cool breezes from the hills remove the stress of the city.

Montecito’s dwelling places are on top of NUVALI’s highest points. Its name comes from the surrounding hills of the master-planned estate. The expanse of Montecito is at the heart of NUVALI where schools, malls, and rising business districts are a short distance away from the homes.


Homeowners will delight in the environment of the eco-community. The perched development has 280 lots with a charming view of Makati skyline and Laguna de Bay. It also has multitude recreational structure and amenities situated in its open areas.

Montecito features a Tree and Plant Nursery, a lake and spring called “Matang Tubig” and the Greenways.

Since most of the development is for open spaces, the Greenways will serve as the connection between houses. The manicured greens, shady trees, and lush grasslands complement the concrete pathways. Dwellers can indulge in the natural environment and enhanced accessibility of the area.

Meanwhile, the Tree and Plant Nursery will bring life to barren spaces of the Greenways. Under the maintenance of the village staff, seedlings, buds and other varieties of plants will be present in the nursery. Hence, the property can benefit from the growing plants.

Besides the added flora of the neighborhood, the plants and the entire nursery encourages residents to embrace a healthy and natural home elements. Growing vines, shrubs and trees will enhance the area’s sustainability.

Dwellers can utilize the nursery’s large storage area for developing plant material.

Other than the nursery, there’s also bodies of water in the property. The Matang Tubig (Eye of the Water) is an artesian spring running from the ridges of Tagaytay. It flows through Montecito. There’s a lake that has two parts. The small part serves as a source of water for the irrigation system. The large side of the lake is home to species of fishes like Milkfish (Tilapia).

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